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Couples therapy/

for people who just don't want to carry on like this

Private Praxis Sabine Jontofsohn

 Onlinesessions or in person in my private praxis in Frankfurt am Main 

Stop wishing and start doing - make yourself happy!

Fight Depression and Anxiety - develop Confidence and Joy.

Video/Online - counseling available    

I'm Sabine Jontofsohn and I will assist you in all kinds of emotional problems wether you are seeking help with your marriage or need support with any emotional problem you are facing. I have a passion for developing personal wellness and mindfulness in people to increase their enjoyement in life. 

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phone or whatsapp:


Contact me
If you are interested in counseling or therapy, the best way to contact me is text me over whatsapp: 0176 99 13 94 25
Optional you can give me a call or write me an email:



Appointments are usually possible within a week.
Weekend appointments are possible at no extra charge, Saturday/Sunday 10:00 am.
Before booking an appointment, please consult with your partner for possible dates and let me know 2-3 options. Usually one of them fits. I can hold a requested appointment for up to 24 hours.
The earliest possibility for an appointment is at 9:00 am, the latest possible appointment is 7:00 pm.
Booked appointments are binding.

A regular couples session of 90 min costs 150,- €  -  I aim to keep it in that time frame - sometimes a session may take longer up to max. 120 min.
The costs are calculated according the length of the session. More detailed information you find here.

Online appointments
please pay fee within 24h of setting up the date and your appointment is booked for you. I will then send you the link for our videoconference.

Your subject
Not a must, but has often proven helpful: Please write me a few lines about what leads you to me so that I can better adjust to the consultation. What is your most important concern?
 e.g. communication, affaire, patchwork family, too much fighting etc.

Who comes?
It is possible to make individual appointments beforehand. May it be because you would like to get a clearer picture for yourself first or the situation is so tense that a constructive dialogue does not seem probable. If the latter is the case I recommend this strongly.
If your partner is skeptical about couples therapy, coming alone will also help. You can stabilize your mood, get clarity from a neutral experienced counterpart, get help on how to contribute to talk better with your partner again. Learn more here: Relationship counseling for individuals.

To use this time effectively, please address the issues that are really important to you. In order for the session to be successful, I'd like you to imagine your ideal best possible outcome. How would it make you feel? What would you do differently or what would your partner do differently? How likely do you think it is to reach that outcome?
The partners can have different ideas about the ideal outcome. When your ideas are quite opposite we would have to find something acceptable that you both can agree on. If keeping the relationship is your goal I'm also interested in what motivates you to feel that way.
I provide a guided framework to make it easier for you to talk things through, while keeping your feet on the ground.
I support you in figuring out what are key issues for you, and in thinking about whether or how change is possible. If necessary, I suggest a potentially more helpful attitude or point out more favorable forms of communication.
In the first session, you will have the opportunity to get to know me and my approach. Afterwards, you will receive a recommendation on how to proceed. You decide how to proceed. We will arrange following appointments together.

My Therapy style

I follow the school of "systemic therapy": solution oriented and at eye level. I highlight new perspectives to bring movement into a situation when you are stuck and offer practical tools to sustainably improve your relationship.

read more here and here and also have a look into my blog
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