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 The benefits of private therapy:



Self-pay therapies are on average more successful because clients have more decision-making options and therefore feel more self-determined. This has a positive effect on motivation. Studies confirm this. The therapy is not subject to a fixed number of sessions. The session intervals can also be individually varied, depending on your schedule and the progress of the therapy.


Timely and flexible appointment scheduling

I can usually offer an appointment within a week. Appointments are also available on weekends, holidays, and evenings.

With a therapist covered by health insurance, especially in a metropolitan area like the Rhein-Main region, you may have to accept longer waiting times of 3 to 6 months.



Only you and your therapist are aware of privately funded psychotherapy. Psychotherapy funded by health insurance is recorded in the medical records. If an unfavorable diagnosis finds its way into your records, this can become a knockout criterion for civil service employment, conclusion of life, occupational disability, or private health insurance. Or in a job interview.

Even a single visit, for example, to a psychiatrist can earn you the reputation of having a "serious illness."

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Flexible and Modern Therapy Methods

As an independent therapist, I am not bound by statutory regulations, regulations that change slowly through lengthy bureaucratic processes. Therapies financed by health insurance in Germany are limited to exactly three methods: psychoanalysis, depth psychology, and behavior therapy.

The systemic approach, which I follow, is one of the most chosen further training courses to further educate oneself in the field of psychotherapy. Although the method has also been scientifically recognized in Germany, systemic psychotherapy is currently not (yet?) covered by statutory health insurance.


No unnecessary pathologization

As a systemic therapist, I work with you as a client on a level playing field. In a therapy financed by health insurance, you are a patient with a "disorder with illness value." I do not artificially pathologize you so that you can benefit from my service.

Tax reduction If you pay for the psychotherapeutic treatment yourself, you can claim the costs as extraordinary expenses and reduce your taxes.

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