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Binational Couples

Since I arrived, I find myself in a nowhereland, where the old norms and values are no longer valid, but the new ones still not yet are known.

I can dissolve myself or invent myself new.

Anke Richter


Mixed couples / crosscultural couples /Third culture kids (TCKs) /Global Nomads /Expats

As a specialist for binational partnerships with many years of experience I can support you in overcoming difficulties and maintaining a healthy and joyful relationship. Binational relationships exist by no means merely in a private little universe, they are imbeded in the wider society and are subject to many impacts that reach from general acceptance of the respective countries of origin, policy on foreigners, international relationships between countries, down to interfamilial relationships.

The hierarchies of status built upon the former mentioned cannot be refrained from the daily life of the individual. Additional the couple will have to negotiate and agree on mutual norms and values, values that often are influenced through different cultural imprints and therfore might experience a somewhat higher degree of threat to the personality than couples more convergent with mainstream society do.

At the same time this circumstance can open canals to a new sight of how things are and how they should work and can lead to create new strategies in dealing with everyday issues like gender roles or child-raising. Migration can be strenuous and inspiring at the same time.


Counseling for Couples:

Training of communicative skills because of european legislation, couples with one partner from a non-western country often are forced to establish a close and responsible relationship faster than they would have done if with a partner who already has an "Aufenthalt". If you prepare yourself well in this early phase by establishing some tools of positive communication, it will be easier and less stressful to deal with problems later on.

Important for the training:

the learning can take place in a pleasurable and playful atmosphere. Studies have shown, that this kind of training has a positive effect on any relationship that is still measurable after 5 years.

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