Getting Professional Support - It's Okay To Say If You Don't Feel OK

Unpleasant feelings are just as crucial as the enjoyable ones in helping you make sense of life's ups and downs. Bad feelings can be vital clues, that an issue with your job, relationship or other important matter needs attention. Acknowledging those feelings can be a good first step in recovery and help to see your problem with more clarity.

I will be looking with you for ways to take positive action to get through those difficult emotions. Anything human is mentionable.

Sometimes it needs to undoe toxic lessons we learned in childhood.

This is about your story, your questions your goals. Maybe it's about your job, your family, kids, or marriage. Probably you already took some good steps in the right direction, but somehow lost confidence.

Are you looking for relief of stress, worries and anxiety, find your path out of a situation where you are feeling stuck?

To loosen emotional pressure I can be your reflexion-tool in this process, your handrail, if needed, when taking new steps.

Putting things into words with the help of a neutral professional not only motivates you to focus on what has to be done, it also can soften worries and anxiety, loosen the pressure, until the answer reveals all by itself, and you know, what's going to be the next step.


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