Das Gehirn verstehen
Hilfreich im Umgang Ängsten:

Mein Gehirn besser verstehen

 Gastbeitrag von Dr. Reiner Löffler


Folgende Einsichten haben mir sehr geholfen ruhiger und gelassener zu werden:

Cognitive Empathy vs Affective Empathy

Excuse me? Empathy can be dangerous? That's right - this is the conclusion of scientist Paul Bloom, professor of psychology at Yale and author of the book: Against Empathy. The Case for Rational Compassion.


But first, let's take it one step at a time. What exactly is empathy? When Paul Bloom talks about empathy, he means "I feel what another person feels," affective empathy, so to speak.

Don't do it. Here's why:

The silent treatment will damage your relationship.

Whenever you feel threatened by unfortunate events, by criticism, or by unmet expectations that come across as personal insults - do you shut down and ignore your partner for hours? Hold on to subconscious resentment for days?


Hier rege ich zu interessanten Büchern über Elternschaft an.

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