Don't do it. Here's why:

The silent treatment will damage your relationship.

Whenever you feel threatened by unfortunate events, by criticism, or by unmet expectations that come across as personal insults - do you shut down and ignore your partner for hours? Hold on to subconscious resentment for days?


Mit Belastenden Gefühlen besser umgehen

Um unsere Seele zu heilen sind wir unermüdlich auf der Suche nach den Ursachen, die hinter all dem stecken könnten. Wir erzählen uns eine Geschichte, warum wir Angst haben oder warum wir depressiv sind.

Im besten Fall kommen wir dabei unseren Verhaltensmustern auf die Spur und wie sie in unserer Kindheit angelegt wurden.


Invite Success into your Life

Celebrate the success of others!

Other people doing well doesn't mean that you are failing. You are unique, and frankly, the journey that you are on is yours and yours alone.

Celebrating other peoples success is an important emotional reminder to raise your awareness:

Cognitive Empathy vs Affective Empathy

Excuse me? Empathy can be dangerous? That's right - this is the conclusion of scientist Paul Bloom, professor of psychology at Yale and author of the book: Against Empathy. The Case for Rational Compassion.


But first, let's take it one step at a time. What exactly is empathy? When Paul Bloom talks about empathy, he means "I feel what another person feels," affective empathy, so to speak.

woman dropped fail failure

Failure harms performance

Everybody knows, how a rejection or failure can bruise the ego, you get demoralized, your motivation diminuishes, we all know this. But failure also can have an impact to our lives that we are not aware of.

In an experiment people were asked to perform an intelligence test. Half of the group was given an unsolvable test.


Are Parents more happy?

"Yet a wide variety of academic research shows that parents are not happier than their childless peers, and in many cases are less so.This finding is surprisingly consistent, showing up across a range of disciplines.


Hier rege ich zu interessanten Büchern über Elternschaft an.

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